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robot turbine sanding

Blisk grinding with FerRobotics AAK XS end-of-arm-tool.

Together with FerRobotics we developed a customized solution with their AAK XS to grind the surfaces of the blisk (blade integrated disk or integrally bladed rotor IBR) and to provide unmanned operation time. Robots equipped with sensitivity using FerRobotics patented Active Compliant Technology (ACT) are more flexible, reliable and economical than ever. ACT-optimized robots intelligently adapt themselves to suit complex surfaces, meaning they are able to automatically measure the amount of force that needs to be applied. They are even able to offset any sudden counter forces, if objects move for example.

perfect flow

Under the microscope, it now became clear that this automated technique comes much closer to the ideal values needed for perfect flow characteristics than the originally required target values.

Robotic solutions such as these are a game-changer for the aerospace industry.