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sanding robot for wooden windows

Process optimization for window manufacturers. The innovative process in intermediate sanding is even more advanced and high-quality with a sanding robot and a sensitive end effector.

The new high-tech partner in surface finishing enables a healthier and safer workflow. The reduced sanding dust exposure relieves employees and offers a better protected workplace.

At the same time, this automated solution works with high-quality precision and consistently tireless performance. Not only is the endurance consistent, but also the quality of the results is permanently at the highest level. Robots equipped with sensitivity using FerRobotics patented Active Compliant Technology (ACT) are more flexible, reliable and economical than ever. ACT-optimized robots intelligently adapt themselves to suit complex surfaces, meaning they are able to automatically measure the amount of force that needs to be applied. They are even able to offset any sudden counter forces, if objects move for example.

Efficient and optimised work flow due to parallel working steps in the process and also the treatment of different shapes and sizes make the high-tech sander highly flexible and efficient.

- Easier and protected working
- Greatly reduced sanding dust
- Automated process and parallel working steps
- Permanent and high result quality
- Constant & tireless work performance
- Precise surface treatment
- High flexibility
- Efficient and optimised workflow
- Return on investment (ROI)
- High flexibility - for processing a wide range of shapes and sizes