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Surface technology has the greatest potential for cost savings, on the other hand it is furthermore the best way to improve product quality. For this reason, we have specialized in easy-to-use robot cells for small and medium-sized companies. A majority of solutions on the market require an significantly capital investment as in skilled labor force to operate such systems. On the other hand, with our economic systems, accell GmbH offers solutions that are functional, user-friendly and are based on your requires as well as your budget. Years of experience in an international environment have taught us, that a needs-based system concept is optimal for sustainable productivity. Challenge us with your needs and tasks so we can show you what we can realize for you to catch your goals. With accell GmbH you can rely on having a solution manufacturer at your side, who understands what is going on, competently implements your requirements so you have a real advantage over your competitors.





If we spared your interest and your company is ready to enter a new manufacturing area – contact us! You are not sure if an automated grinding system is an option for you? Contact us! Your components are complex and you are not sure whether they can be deburred automatically? Contact us! Can't imagine that a robot can polish just as well as your long-time employee who is unfortunately about to retire? Contact us! We will arrange a short appointment to clarify what is possible and useful. It does not matter whether it is an airplane wing, wooden components or a metal housing. If you sand it by hand, we most likely can automate this process. This first consolation is free of charge and we help you to draw a path forward.

Our state-of-the-art equipped technical center in Redlham (Upper Austria) awaits your parts, so you don't need to buy a pig in a poke. We are capable to sand your components, deburr or polish to prove or solution and convince your team. All our tests are documented and of course you are more than welcome to be present at the tests. We look forward to welcoming you to our new technical center.

Hubert Gerstmayr, Geschäftsführer der Accell GmbH

Mag. Hubert Gerstmayr

+43 7672 31081

Graduated from the Johannes Kepler University in Linz with a degree in business administration in 2005. Hubert Gerstmayr has been the managing director of GER4TECH GmbH since January 2012. The business consultancy GER4TECH is an active partner of GER4TECH Metall, GER4TECH Mechatronik and is involved in accell GmbH.

Sebastian Gottwald, Technischer Leiter der Accell GmbH

Sebastian Gottwald

+43 681 84187047

Graduated from the technical college in Mühlhausen as a State Certified Engineer (SCE) of Mechatronics in 2007. As a project manager for many years, Sebastian Gottwald has already gained more than 10 years of experience in the industry. As project manager for most of the industrial grinding systems installed worldwide, he was not only responsible for the technical implementation, but also for the further development of the technology. This qualifies Sebastian Gottwald as one of the leading experts in the automation of surface processing systems in the field of grinding tasks.

Logo der Accell GmbH

Accell GmbH

GER4TECH Metall- und Mechatronik Center, Gewerbepark Mitte 5, A-4846 Redlham
+43 7672 31081